Location:   Millington, East Yorkshire

Height (Metres) / Distance (Kilometres)

    Parking/Start Point:   Limited parking in lay-by  
    Ascent:   323M  
    Paths:   Majority of walk has proper paths, some paths in wooded section are less defined  
    Walk Highlights:   The Yorkshire Wolds rolling hills, charming wooded sections of path  
    Near by Town:   Pocklington  
    Map Needed: 294 Explorer Food/Drink: Gait Inn, Millington    
    Route Hazards: None as such, large section of road walking requires care Toilets: Some in the pub, otherwise none    
    Start Reference: SE 84195 53091        

A fantastic walk around the rolling countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds, setting out near the village of Millington across a famous area of land known as Millington Pastures some of the only access land in the Yorkshire Wolds. The walk takes in some short steep climbs, long swerving walks along the bottom of valley floors flanked by high sided chalk hills and through charming wooded sections. A fantastic walk.
The collecting point of a crystal clear chalk stream The amazing sweeping valleys that are typical of the wolds
Today is the first walk that I have done in quite some time due to injuries on my big toes on both my left and right feet and I had chosen a dry day on which to do it, not a particularly sunny one but a dry one. The parking at the start point of this walk is limited depending on the time of day as the lay-by only has space for around 6 cars at any one time. The walk starts near a collecting pool of water that flows down the valley chalk stream before passing through a pipe to carry on, the water is beautifully clear and is a really nice spot where people bring their families. Crossing the footbridge over the pool over water the paths takes us down the bottom of a valley floor through the meandering valley, after just a short walk the path heads left to pick up the 'Yorkshire Wolds National Way'. This is the first short sharp climb up the side of the hill of one of the wolds a reminder that the wolds aren't to be taken lightly and that most of them are actually very steep sided. After a couple of breathers half way up the side of the hill I reached the top of the flat hill, looking back over my shoulder I could see the valley floor below weaving its way around the corner, the shapes that you find in the wolds are amazing. Walking along the top of the hill I was trying to figure out what had been planted in the field I was walking next to but failed to do so, there is a mixture of plants in the fields around Millington at the moment from dark green corn to bright yellow rapeseed oil. Halfway across the field is a bench providing a viewpoint looking towards Pocklington of the various rolling hills and valleys below on a clear day you can see for miles across the horizon, unfortunately today its less clear than I hoped so the grey sky is spoiling the view a bit but its still impressive. The path now heads left to gradually walk down the side of the wold back towards the valley floor, in the valley opposite near the road there is a family of 6 having a picnic in a spot with a fantastic view looking back down the road flowing through Millington Dale a beautiful spot. The walk now leaves the 'Yorkshire Wolds National Way' and picks up the 'Chalkland Way' and climbs up the second steep bit of hill of the day, this section is a very short bit of path climbing over the top of the hill before descending back down to meet the road.
Wide open sweeping valleys aplenty on this walk One of the charming wooded dales on this walk
Now crossing the road into the field opposite the paths runs through the bottom of the valley floor in the impressive 'Frendal Dale', flanked by high rolling hill sides on each side the valley meanders its way snaking left and right like it has been dug out by a massive snake. These wolds have been left to the wild only grass and the odd section of trees and plants litter the hill sides and they look good for it, the path weaves and winds through various fields that have been marked out by gate sections with only 1 section occupied by some friendly and curious cows. The walking is good under foot today it has been raining a bit but the ground is good and solid and makes for good walking. So far on the walk I had walked with 3 or 4 people in the distance or nearby after setting off however after picking up the 'Chalkland Way' I would not see another soul for the rest of the walk, perfect isolation in beautiful surroundings. The path now heads towards a woodland section of wold, passing through the final gate on this section the trees line the left hand side and the path stretches ahead lined with beaming white chalk stone which makes for a nice change of scenery on the walk. Further ahead the path split into two but there is only one direction that can be taken, the path to the left heads towards a chalk quarry however there is no access to this so we take the path to the right, this path now takes off off the bright white chalk lines path and enters another flowing path at the bottom of the dale, this is perhaps the prettiest dale of the day surrounded by stunning trees of all different shades of green and patches of exposed chalk. Despite been the prettiest of the dales on this walk it is also probably the shortest and I soon arrived at the end of the path which continues under the cover of the woodland at the end of the dale, the path now heads up hill to meet the road. Now starts the first long section of road walking, in total there are 2 sections of road walking but this is a minor road so there is no real danger of encountering a car depending on the time of day, at most you are likely to come across 5 or 6 cars in total. With the majority of road walking despite making good progress it often seems to go quite slow, after about 20 minutes I passed by the quarry gates of the chalk quarry where I would have come through if I was allowed to turn left on the path I was previously on.  It is just a short time after this bit of road that I then turn left to head down another section of road that is marked by a road sign called 'Millington Limousins' a breed of prize winning pedigree show cows bred in this area. The next section of the walk may not be open during all periods of the year, in winter I should imagine this section of upcoming wood land would be shut so people may need to continue on the road they had just walked in on.
The wonderful wooded chalk path Returning over the top of one of the wolds
The walk now gets off the road and walks down towards a wooded valley following another glistening white chalk path weaving and winding its way down hill, a beautiful spot, for a walk in the Yorkshire Wolds this walk really has a lot of varied scenery. Walking down the winding path the silence was broken by a thunderous crack of twigs as I startled 2 deer's and they darted off over the side of the hill. Halfway down the woodland path the walk breaks off to the right to head uphill off a park which is over grown but obvious none the less, this path must be used as a shooting area as the ground is littered with cartridges and way markers for shooting posts, on reaching the top of the hill you come across a gate but you ignore this and carry on round the edge of the field with the path walking along side a barn before coming out on the road once more. Carrying on down the road this section of road walking is not as long as the previous one and before you know it you come across the sign for the footpath heading off to the left on a right hand bend. From now on the gradient of the walk is down hill all the way which my legs were thankful for, the wolds may not be very high in total height but the ascent needed on walks around this area are equal to most national parks. The footpath passes past a farm house before getting off a stone path and passing through a series of 3 rolling fields, by now the rolling hill tops of the Millington Pastures come into view and the views are wonderful as I carry on down the former Roman road. The rolling hills around this area are spectacular, every winding corner you walk around in the bottom of the green lush valley floor you expect to be greeted by a Hobbit home or something. Before I knew it I came to the bottom of the hill where there was a gate to pass through and the car was on the opposite side of the road to me. Getting out of the car I hadn't even noticed the path on the other side of the road its a really inconspicuous little path. This had been a fantastic walk, despite been beautiful quite often on a walk in the Yorkshire Wolds there often isn't that much variety but this walk was an exception, a beautiful body of water, the rolling hills, plants and flowers and woodland paths it had been an excellent choice of walk and the area around Millington is a prime example of why I like this part of England so much.

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